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Function Documentation/Comments need editing


The function documentation/comments need to be edited to give meaningful information to all future developers for the following functions:
Even if the functions are private, function-level documentation/comments should still be provided.

Namespace : Class File
TimersXP.Messaging : Messenger.cs
  • private static void SendToList<TMessage>(TMessage message, IEnumerable<WeakActionAndToken> weakActionsAndTokens, Type messageTargetType, object token)
  • private static void UnregisterFromLists(object recipient, Dictionary<Type, List<WeakActionAndToken>> lists)
  • private static void UnregisterFromLists<TMessage>(object recipient, object token, Action<TMessage> action, Dictionary<Type, List<WeakActionAndToken>> lists)
  • private void SendToTargetOrType<TMessage>(TMessage message, Type messageTargetType, object token)